Yes, you CAN become a proficient Spanish speaker, no matter your age!

AND you can have fun in the process!

Our group Spanish immersion classes will take you on an "Aventura" (adventure) using the highest frequency words of the language. You'll have so much fun getting lost in the stories we create that you will FORGET you're taking a class. Yes, seriously! 

All of our classes are taught by highly-qualified, passionate instructors and everything that we do is based on the latest research in second language acquisition. Our goal as your language instructors is to provide you with a fun, welcoming and low-anxiety environment that is rich in "comprehensible and compelling" input... the perfect environment for language acquisition to occur!


Am I too old to learn a new language? Nope!

Will there be grammar charts? Nope!

Are there tests? Nope!

Will it be fun? Yup!

Spanish Alive
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