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Are you an individual looking to join a group class? 

You've been told a myth your entire life:


The ability to acquire a new language, seemingly without effort, is not exclusive to young children. Adults are fully capable of becoming fluent in a second language AND you can have fun in the process!

Colleen is a consummate professional and also clearly has a passion for teaching. She is extremely patient and creates an atmosphere in which students are not hesitant to try new things, specifically speak a new language (which can be quite a scary thing for an older adult learner) with no fear of embarrassment. Her knowledge of current best teaching techniques is also evident through her lesson plans, which are never boring.

- Mike P

I have worked on learning to speak in Spanish my entire adult life and in the few classes with Spanish Alive, I have been able to speak, understand, and read better and faster than in all the classes I have taken in the past. The immersion technique they use and the fun way they present it is wonderful. I highly recommend these classes.

- Cathy W

This class was so fun, I looked forward to going every week (even after a long day at work!). More importantly, I learned more Spanish than I ever did at more 'formal' Spanish classes taught at school, and it helped me get over the "fear" of trying to say anything in Spanish.

- Hannah O

Wonderful classes! Learn Spanish in the most natural way...the way children acquire language.  All the instructors are terrific...and the classes are fun!

- Elizabeth M

Colleen makes learning Spanish fun, efficient and not stressful. She is consistently positive and encouraging which creates a great environment for practicing. I'm not self-conscious about trying to speak which is essential to improve.

- Maureen

Such a great experience! I learned more in 6 weeks than I did in years of Spanish courses.”

- Haley F

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