I took the beginners and intermediate series of classes with Spanish Alive. To say that I loved the experience would be an understatement. Colleen and Tyler are truly fine instructors: supportive, encouraging, and fun. I am still amazed at how much Spanish I can understand. Don’t let age discourage you; I’m 74! I highly recommend the classes to everyone. -Gerri B. 


Retired Teacher (Cary, NC)

I have taken several classes with Spanish Alive and have found them extremely helpful in learning how to speak, read, and understand Spanish. They are excellent at understanding what level each person is at and are able to assist them in finding the perfect class level and working with them individually to have the best resources. I have taken many classes in Spanish over the years and have improved faster with the help of Spanish Alive. I have referred many people to this wonderful experience.

Cathy W.

Cary, NC

Colleen is a consummate professional and also clearly has a passion for teaching. She is extremely patient and creates an atmosphere in which students are not hesitant to try new things, specifically speak a new language (which can be quite a scary thing for an older adult learner) with no fear of embarrassment. Her knowledge of current best teaching techniques is also evident through her lesson plans, which are never boring.


Clayton, NC

These Spanish Classes are outstanding!!! You are fully immersed in fun, stress free communication as soon as you enter the room. The instructors are experts in the instruction methods they use and assist you above and beyond in your efforts to learn the language. There is always well prepared material provided to take home for your own studies as well as links to sites that have been tested by the two instructors. I have made great progress in a short amount of time and can't wait to continue my classes because here, "learning is FUN " really happens.


German Teacher (Wake Forest, NC)

It really works. The teachers are great and interactive. Seriously, if want to learn Spanish this is the way to do it. So much more effective than the traditional classroom format. 


Financial Advisor (Raleigh, NC)

Thank you for inviting me to observe your class. It was a great experience. I loved how well you structured the time. Also, the the contextualized activities were so well integrated with the vocabulary and grammatical structures you were trying to emphasize. The reiteration of those points were excellent because with those reiterations you were able to use different subjects and verb agreement patterns. The best thing was the friendly language environment you have created. Both of you are great teachers. Congratulations for this wonderful class and service. 


Retired Professor (Raleigh, NC)

This is a great way for adults to learn Spanish! I have attended three sessions and truly feel that this is the way to go. Both instructors are super-duper competent and they make learning fun and easy. Their technique is just superb!


Retired Teacher (Cary, NC)

I was a student of Spanish in high school, and had since let what understanding I had depreciate. Recently I have begun attending the beginner course here, it was such an engaging learning environment. The instructors understand how to expand your minds openness to learning a language with seamlessly exposing you to visual, verbal, written language - in a relaxed, and fun learning environment. I have long desired to become fluent in my family's native tongue. I look forward to continuing that journey with the kind folks of Spanish Alive!


Cary, NC

This class was so fun, I looked forward to going every week (even after a long day at work!). More importantly, I learned more Spanish than I ever did at more 'formal' Spanish classes taught at school, and it helped me get over the "fear" of trying to say anything in Spanish. I highly recommend signing up and going to these classes, I promise you won't regret it


Nurse (Raleigh, NC)

Colleen makes learning Spanish fun, efficient and not stressful. She is consistently positive and encouraging which creates a great environment for practicing. I'm not self-conscious about trying to speak which is essential to improve.


Cary, NC

It is the only Language class i made excuses not to miss :) OUTSTANDING and CHILL are the words that come to mind taking the Beginner classes at Spanish Alive. 

Colleen and Taylor are both very Talented and Experienced Instructors. This class made it easy to pick up Spanish as Instructors present in a fun immersive way for Adults and infuse great Enthusiasm. The Material is highly organized and the stories in the class are more impromptu such as recent "Solar Eclipse" where students relate to it easily and contribute. 

Even after the class is over, I have better and more words stick to my memory that i did in a Community College setting following a Text book approach. 

Highly recommend the class if you like to improve your Spanish Learning Skills. 


Cary, NC

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