What apps are best for learning Spanish?

Everything has moved online and virtual. So, there are A LOT of language learning apps out there and it's really hard to wade through all of them to figure out which ones are worth your time and data. Lucky for you, we've done it for you! Here is our short list of apps that are worth the download.

1. Duolingo. Most people are familiar with this one. It's free. It has a game-like interface. It reviews words and phrases and helps users advanced at their own pace. It can become addictive. BUT, did you know there is a Duolingo podcast? This is one of the reasons we truly recommend Duolingo, for the podcast. Each podcast tells a short, 10-15 minute story. Each story is different and almost all in Spanish (there are some brief recaps or comprehension checks in English). This is a great way to increase your language input as well as practice the language itself.

2. Hello Talk. One of the struggles of language learners is finding someone to practice the language with. Hello Talk makes that easy! Hello Talk connects users with native speakers of the language to practice conversation. If you are looking to increase your speaking and conversation and maintain social distancing, this is the app for you!

3. Mango. Mango is an app that teaches language through listening and reading. Just like our classes! It provides an immersive environment for you to learn the language, but also has intuitive comprehension checks to give you feedback. It's as close as you can get to one of our classes without being in one!

4. Fluent-U. Looking for more culture? Fluent-U has different articles and videos from and about Spanish-speaking cultures. Reading the articles and watching the videos are a great way to increase your exposure to the language while also immersing yourself in the culture. One cool feature is that all the videos have interactive subtitles in which you can click on any word and see the meaning. ¡Que chévere!

5. Lirica. For those of you who are adverse to language learning apps because perhaps they are too educational or boring or just not your cup of tea, we have an app for you as well. Lirica teaches language through authentic songs. You can listen to the song in the language, read the lyrics and also the app has interactive comprehension checks to help you learn the meaning of the lyrics. This way you can be exposed to new music, get your groove on, AND learn the meaning behind the song all at the same time. Win-Win-Win!

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