Not hitting those #metas2020 / #2020goals like you wanted?

How are those #2020goals coming along? Not so great? We're kind of struggling too :) But do not fear! We're here to help.

The truth is that we need a LOT of exposure to a language in order to build proficiency, but this is totally doable if you break it down into small, daily doses. 

If you hope to make great strides this year in improving your Spanish, you must set yourself up for success by exposing yourself to Spanish EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Just 5 minutes of Spanish per day makes a huge difference in retention. Imagine if you could squeeze in 20 minutes or more per day!

Need help getting into the swing of this daily Spanish routine? Check out our FREE Goal tracking system here, which includes suggestions of daily Spanish exposure tasks! Happy tracking and when you hit your #metas2020 don't forget to share with us on Facebook (@spanishaliveclasses) or Instagram (@spanish_alive)!

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