More Online Resources for Your At-Home Spanish Aventuras!

Many of us are entering a new week or month of staying at home and our routines might be a little stale. Let's spice it up with some new ways to continue your Spanish journey at home!

1. La lotería. Have you played La Lotería? No?! What are you waiting for?! La Lotería is the Spanish-language version of Bingo, but has different imagery associated with it. Each image has a story and a rhyme associated with it. To play online and learn more about this culturally relevant game, click here.

2. Spanish stories. Are you looking for authentic stories in Spanish. There are two websites with stories and short books for free! The first is Unite for Literacy and the second is Reading A-Z. Both have a library full of Spanish-language stories to stimulate your brain!

3. Zumba. Did you know that movement is good for your mental health? Did you know that Zumba is a blast?! Get the best of both worlds with this list of fun Zumba videos in Spanish. What better time to try out Zumba than in the comfort and isolation of your own home :)

4. Drawing tutorials. Do you need a break from work? Creating activities for your kiddos? Tired of going on the same walk day after day? Try drawing. Here is a list of drawing tutorials in Spanish to help flex the artistic and linguistic parts of your brain!

5. Yoga. What better way to energize your mind and body than yoga? Here is a great list of videos that have yoga in Spanish. Even if you are not a yogi, there are beginner level videos just for you!

6. Language learning TV programs. Want to start watching TV in Spanish, but intimidated about the amount of Spanish in TV shows? Not to worry! Below are two Spanish-language TV programs specifically created for learners of Spanish. Both series move slowly, repeat often and recap at the end of each episode. Perfect for all levels! Start your binge watching today!

- Mi Vida Loca

- Destinos

7. Books. If you are looking for longer books or audio, Bookflix by Scholastic and Audible have free trials or memberships during the Covid-19 crisis. Both have selections in Spanish and are fantastic options for more intermediate or advanced students. What a great time to advance your reading and listening skills FOR FREE!

Lastly, don't forget that we have NEW ONLINE CLASSES! We are offering Levels 1-5 multiple times a week for students to continue their Spanish Aventuras while safely at home. We are offering classes on a month-by-month basis. To see our schedule, click here. If our schedule doesn't meet your needs, check back as we will be posting new classes in a few weeks!

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