Instagram Accounts and Tricks for Creating an Immersive Spanish Environment

It might seem counterintuitive that spending time on social media could actually HELP you learn, but Instagram has lots of accounts that are based on just that! Additionally, Instagram has a plethora of pictures with short descriptions or narrations that are great for increasing your reading in Spanish. Here are our top 5 favorite accounts for Spanish language learners:

1. Spanish English Rosie @spanish_english_rosie

Spanish English Rosie has words and phrases of the day complete with explanations of the word or phrase in Spanish AND English. Additionally, she has video explanations of pronunciation. This is a great account to follow if you are looking for a daily dose of Spanish in small, comprehensible bites.

2. 72kilos @72kilos and Wawawiwadesign @wawawiwadesign

We just couldn't choose between these two accounts! Both accounts are cartoons, comics, designs and word puns in Spanish. The captions are in Spanish as well. This is a great way to up your reading in Spanish with some visual aids. Also, you get exposure to some idiomatic phrases which is always fun!

3. Spanish Phrase of the Day @spanishphraseoftheday

This is great for small, little nuggets of Spanish each day that you can infuse into your conversations and vocabulary. What we love in particular about this account is that every post is a video so you can hear the pronunciation. Additionally, the captions are in Spanish and English so that you can get full comprehension.

4. Spanish Playground @spanishplayground

Spanish Playground is a great account, but it has a much bigger and more robust You Tube presence. Some of the posts are book suggestions for learners of Spanish and some posts are games or activities to do in Spanish, but the posts we love the most are the videos. They are short, sweet dialogues or conversations all en español! This is FANTASTIC listening practice. For more videos, you can check out their You Tube channel as well.

5. Español con Juan @espanolconjuan

This account follows Juan on his many adventures and travels. All of the captions are in Spanish and are a great description of what's happening in the pictures and videos. This is an excellent source of reading and learning the language in context!

Ok, so you've taken a look at our suggestions, but possibly they are not your thing OR possibly you want MORE! Here are some tricks to follow more accounts in Spanish to increase your reading and Spanish input.

1. Look up people.

Look up people or celebrities that do things you are interested in. Love sports? Follow famous Spanish-speaking athletes. Love rap music? Follow a Spanish-language rapper (THERE ARE A LOT). Love politics? Follow politicians or journalists from Spanish speaking countries. This trick might require a little research if you aren't familiar with certain Spanish-speaking celebrities, but it will be well worth it to not only to expose yourself to the Spanish language, but to different Spanish-speaking cultures as well.

2. Look up food or tourism.

Do you love eating? Do you love traveling? Want to see what other people and cultures are eating and doing? Here's a simple trick: Search "Comida"+(Spanish-speaking country) or "Turismo"+ (Spanish-speaking country). For example, comidamexicana for Mexican food or turismocolombiano for Colombian tourism. You will find a treasure trove of pictures with fantastic captions!

3. Look up hashtags #

You can also follow hashtags on Instagram. So, if you have a particular interest, you can search the hashtag and follow it. For example, if you are an avid cyclist, just search #cyclismo and viola! You have a plethora of cycling pictures and videos to fill your Instagram feed.

We hope this kick starts your #spanishsocialmedia life and also gives you another resource for daily language learning! We'll have future posts about other social media platforms and how they can work to your Spanish language learning advantage. Until then, sigue leyendo!






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