Give yourself the time of day!

As you try to integrate more Spanish and language learning into your life, it can be overwhelming. Life happens. There is work, school, family, exercise, drinking enough water, staying current on all the latest Netflix shows. It's exhausting!

Remember: poco a poco. Little by little.

A good way to start this is by choosing an activity, meal or time of day and doing it all in Spanish. For example, getting dressed in Spanish. You have to get dressed each any anyways, so why not in Spanish? Identify the clothing articles you are putting on, the actions you do to put on and take off those clothes. Don't know how to say those things? Look it up and ask a friend or instructor! Do this every day for two weeks or until you master it. And TA-DA! Now, you know how to discuss clothing in Spanish without adding any extra stress or time to your already busy day.

Once you master one activity or time of day, choose a new one. It can be a specific meal time, doing chores, bed time routines, working out, grooming, commuting, cooking, getting your kids ready for school, ANYTHING! And then, poco a poco, you will gradually fill your day with Spanish and your mind with new Spanish vocabulary that's relevant to you. ¡Buena suerte!

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