Daydreams and cupcakes: More resources for at-home language learning

How long have we been social distancing? 2 weeks? 3 months? A year? It seems like we're on day 4689-ish of staying at-home. Whatever day it is, lots of us are beginning to get restless and everyone does something different to cope with the restless, anxious energy. Me? I've been doing a lot of two things: Daydreaming and baking. THUS, the inspiration for this blog post! Here are some at-home resources for learning a new language inspired by my daydreams and adventures in the kitchen.

So what have I been daydreaming about? TRAVEL. Since I've been at home, I've been making a list of places to go and see once it's safe to do so. A great place to start for your travel inspirations is Instagram. Some travel Instagram accounts en español that we love are:

- @postalesmateras. This is a fun account to follow with an Argentine view point. A "mate" is a traditional drink from Argentina and Uruguay and this account follows a traveling mate around the globe.

- @saltaconmigo. Another fun travel Instagram account that follows a couple and their travels around the world. The account is linked to their blog, which is in Spanish and great for reading!

- @lonleyplanet_es. Lonley Planet is a popular travel guide, but this account is all in Spanish. If you are looking for short reading about travel, follow this account!

- @viajesng. Viajes National Geographic has some amazing pictures! It also has captions in Spanish for some great, mini-reading when a whole travel article is too much.

- @gordosxelmundo. Gordos por El Mundo bridges the gap between my travel daydreams and kitchen adventures. It's a travel food blog, so it gives a unique perspective on different cultures through the sense of cuisine.

If none of these accounts are catching your eye, take a look at our blog post about other Instagram accounts to follow here.

Now, on to cupcakes. Confession: I have not made any cupcakes, but I have made lots of bread, a chocolate cake, and pizza dough. Below are some social media accounts to follow with tips and instructions for cooking en español!

- @cocinafacil. Cocina Fácil is an Instagram account with short, simple recipes in Spanish. This is great for beginning Spanish learners and cooks!

- De Mi Rancho a Tu Cocina. This YouTube channel IS A MUST for your quarantine cooking adventures! This channel features dozens of videos of an absolutely adorable Mexican abuela teaching recipes from her home. It is authentic and great for listening practice in Spanish!

- Bien Tasty. Love those Tasty Made videos? Well, this is the same except en español! This You Tube channel is perfect for reading and following instructions. It also has videos with commentary about certain dishes and cultural perspectives in Spanish which is great for practicing listening comprehension.

We hope you enjoy these resources! Are there any that we are missing? What activities do you enjoy doing during quarantine? Let us know on our Facebook Page (@spanishaliveclasses) or Instagram (@spanish_alive) and we'll provide you with resources to continue your Spanish aventuras en casa!

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