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"Rather than boring grammar lessons, we provide free interesting listening experiences. By listening to our stories, culture explanations and games, you will get used to real Spanish as it's used in context, and develop a native-like intuition for the grammar and the vocabulary, together with a clear pronunciation. The videos try to be easy enough for a complete beginner to start picking up the language." (Taken from Dreaming Spanish Youtube Channel

Lyrics Training

Go to and choose "Spanish" to find a variety of music videos to listen to. After becoming familiar with a song (by playing the karaoke version), challenge yourself to a fill-in-the-blank game!

Brain Pop

En rumbo podcast

En rumbo is a free Spanish podcast created for intermediate speakers of Spanish. 



From the Destino's website: 

"Travel the world with lawyer Raquel Rodríguez as she solves a mystery for a dying man. Watch the complete Destinos series, practice your Spanish, and find new resources for learning and teaching Spanish." 

$$ News in Slow Spanish:

Check out their free episode:

Spanish Listening:

Listen as native speakers respond to questions or themes. Transcripts below videos.

Adivina la palabra

Las palabras descritas por los niños

"Adivina" es un diccionario básico del español en formato audiovisual con definiciones aportadas por niños españoles. Creado con el fin de fomentar el aprendizaje del idioma con una metodología en la que prima el entretenimiento.

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Mi vida loca

Mi Vida Loca is a free online language-learning program created by the BBC. It is perfect for Spanish-learners that are preparing to travel to a Spanish-speaking country as it presents the learner with travel-specific phrases and vocabulary in an interactive se

Vinni n Pat YouTube

Video makers are from Spain and have prepared videos to help prepare their Spanish learners for exams. You will find silly conversations and role play videos themed around restaurants, culture, going to the doctor, etc. 


University of Texas Proficiency Videos

The University of Texas has made all of their Spanish proficiency exercises available to the public. There are transcripts to go along with their videos. .

Intermediate Playlist

Song Lyrics + Translations

Te miro y tiemblo (Jarabe de Palo)

Me extrañaras (Rodrigo - El Potro)

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