Optimized Immersion Series

Yes, you CAN become a proficient Spanish speaker. You just need the right exposure t. You need a "Language Parent." In these Immersion Series, our highly-qualified instructors (aka your "Language Parents" or "Language Coaches") will provide you with targeted input of the highest-frequency words in Spanish.

Why our method works (and others don't)

Did you know that just 100 words make up approximately 55% of all daily spoken language?!




Content of classes is organic in nature and centered on each unique group of students. We focus on storytelling and building community by making connections between students.  (This community-building is an  essential part of the language acquisition process.)


intensive meaning you will receive a lot of targeted input targeted to your level

Not "intensive" as in studying, rigor, etc.

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The Role of Our Instructors

Language Parents:

They will make the language


Second Language Acquisition Educators:

teach you about how second language acquisition works


Language Coaches:

They will encourage you, 

“[N]ot only does instruction not alter the order of acquisition, neither does practice”– VanPatten, 2013

The same goes for us as instructors. No matter how hard we try, we can't force your brain to acquire a certain feature of a language (indirect object pronouns, for example) within a certain time range. All we can do is try to give you as much contextualized exposure as possible to comprehensible language that contains all of these rich features (direct object pronouns, indirect object pronouns, subjunctive, demonstrative adjectives, etc). 

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