Group Immersion Classes

12-20 hour class series


Yesyou CAN become a proficient Spanish speaker. You just need the right input. You need a "Language Parent." In these Immersion Series, our highly-qualified instructors (aka your "Language Parents" or "Language Coaches") will provide you with targeted input of the highest-frequency words in Spanish... Read more


Other Immersion Activities

Weekly Spanish Immersion Events

It takes a significant amount of contact hours with a second language in order to achieve big gains in proficiency. If you want to be successful in reaching a

high level of proficiency in Spanish, you must find interesting and fun ways to immerse yourself daily. Try doing an activity that you enjoy or learning something new in Spanish!


Are you looking for young child-caregiver classes in the Triangle area? 

Check out our friends at The Spanish Corner!

"The Spanish Corner’s mission is to teach families the language tools to communicate with each other in Spanish outside of class. We teach high-frequency situations that are fun and easy to incorporate into daily activities."

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