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Watching television is one of our favorite ways to learn a language. The most important thing about choosing what to watch is to make sure that you enjoy it! Research has shown that when you are interpreting compelling information is when the most language acquisition occurs! We highly suggest that you turn on the Spanish subtitles and read along while watching. If you are a beginner or intermediate learner, do not obsess with trying to break down every sentence. Just sit, back, relax, and enjoy being immersed in the language! As a beginner/intermediate Spanish student, you will not understand most of the spoken language, but you will start to pick up on new words and expressions slowly but surely as you hear them (and read them) over and over again in context. 


Below are some places you can go to find shows and movies in Spanish:



Below are some fantastic shows produced in Spanish-speaking countries:

-Gran Hotel

-El Internado


-El tiempo entre costuras

-Club de Cuervos

-Fabulosas Flores


All of your favorite Netflix original series come with the option of Spanish audio and subtitles.

Here are a few:

-Orange is the New Black

-Arrested Development

-House of Cards

-Inspector Gadget

-Marvel's Jessica Jones

-Master of None

Click here to see a complete list of all of the shows on Netflix with Spanish subtitles and/or Spanish audio.


A series of videos created for first-time learners of Spanish language and culture. The series was created for children, but is also beneficial to adult learners for its comprehensibility, familiar story lines, and transcripts in both English and Spanish.  Click here to view the complete list of episodes. 

Your own DVD collection:

Most DVDs have Spanish audio and subtitles available. Pick out one of your favorite movies and watch it in Spanish! The familiarity will help with comprehensibility. 


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